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TMG proudly commits 10% to The Taneja Family Foundation's: Mini Taneja Purple Initiative

The Mini Taneja Purple Initiative was established in 2020 by our CEO, Ryan Taneja. Taneja established this initiative in honor of his mother, Mini Taneja, who has dedicated her life to helping others, especially women who have encountered domestic violence. Ryan wanted to help make a difference since Covid led to an increase in domestic violence rates. The MTP Initiative’s purpose is to help provide necessary tools to empower and aid women escaping domestic violence or battling some type of hardship in life. Through a process unlike no other, Taneja has and is continuing to raise thousands of dollars while collaborating with fellow Arkansans and local businesses to raise money for local domestic violence shelters. Ryan’s objective with this specialized process is to help shine a light on local businesses which can help improve their customer loyalty base, help shelters meet the needs of the people they are aiding, and restore hope in victims and Arkansans that there are still good men out there in the world today.

Updating MTP 

How Taneja Family Foundation came about:

After reflecting upon all the significance and impact MTP has had on people, Ryan wanted to expand and help in other areas within his community. However, Ryan did not want to stray away or change the intention of MTP but add to it. In 2022, he established the parent non-profit of MTP called The Taneja Family Foundation which is going to establish several different ways of supporting fellow Arkansan's while also keeping MTP as its premier headliner. Please feel free to check out MTP's website and keep an eye out for Taneja Family Foundation's brand new website in the works!

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